Teenage Drunk Driving: Facts, Causes, Effects and Advice

Teenage drunk driving is a lethal social issue that has to stop. Here are some facts that will show you why:

• It is the leading cause of death for young people aged fifteen to twenty.
• Americans consume the most alcohol in their teenage years until their early twenties.
• Forty percent of alcohol-related car crashes result to death involving teenagers.
• Someone dies in an alcohol-related car accident every twenty two minutes
• Every day eight teenagers die as a result of teenagers drunk driving.
• 2003 statistics show thirty one percent of teenage drunk drivers were killed in motor vehicular accidents.
• Female teen drunk drivers are more likely to crash than male teen drunk drivers.
• Almost seventy percent of teenagers have drunk an alcoholic beverage, ranging from beer, wine, or one or many hard liquors.
• Estimates show that more than three thousand teenager deaths are results of injuries from vehicular accidents connected to driving under the influence of alcohol.
• More than twenty five percent of teens who die in vehicular accidents were actually drinking while driving.
• The highest crash rate in America is attributed to eighteen year old teens.
• Alcohol related accidents caused sixty percent of teenager deaths in car accidents.
• An average teenage male had his first drink at eleven, for females it is thirteen.
• Teenagers who begin to drink at fourteen and below have four times the probability of becoming an alcohol-dependent than those who only begin drinking at the age of twenty one.
• On an average Friday or Saturday night, one in every ten drivers in the United States had been drinking.
• An estimated eleven thousand teenagers daily get their first taste of alcohol for the first time.
• Over twelve percent of all fatal crashes in the United States are alcohol related.
• Almost all supermarkets in the United States sell at least one type of alcoholic beverage.
• There still exist adults who can be coerced or paid to buy alcoholic drinks for minors.

They say, in order to solve a problem, analyze the roots and the reasons they exist. Here are some reasons why teenage drunk driving does exist.

Peer pressure is something they have to overcome. Sadly, most of teenagers think actually doing it is a way to overcome peer pressure. If someone brought his car to a party, he becomes the designated driver. Then comes the pressure of driving everyone to a certain place so they can have more fun.

Teenagers think they are indestructible. Perhaps it is raging hormones, perhaps it is their immature minds – whatever the reason is, they feel that they can do anything without endangering themselves. They go to parties where alcohol is almost always present, and usually no adults are present to prevent things from going out of hand. Even with too much alcohol in their systems, they feel they are too good to be concerned about the dangers of drunk driving. They underestimate the ability of alcohol to impair their senses, and nothing can stand in their way of having fun.

One of the positive things in drunk driving in teenagers is that many things are being done to help stop it. All states in the United States now have raised the legal limit to drinking at twenty one years old. A lot of organizations, usually started by families who have had family member victims to drunken driving accidents, have mushroomed all throughout the country. The media and the entertainment industry has also done numerous drives to increase awareness to encourage teens to refrain from excessive alcohol consumption and drunk driving.

But what can parents do to prevent this? Start early, say experts. Encourage your teenagers to act responsibly and help them realize what a big effect drunk driving has on someone’s life and on their family’s life. Let the hazards of teenage drunk driving beknownst to all concerned: themselves, their families, their friends, and even the innocent people on the road. Encourage them to find other means of having fun aside from drinking, and help them grow to become responsible and law-abiding citizens.

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