Stop Drinking Alcohol: Lose Weight

Stop drinking alcohol lose weight: This is a common slogan for those who want to cut down on drinking and at the same time lose weight.  Are you serious? Alcohol is every person’s buddy.  After a day’s work, people flock to bars to unwind.  They feel that they deserve it due to the hard day’s work and the stress that goes with it.

Stepping out of the workplace with your officemates can lead you to think of going somewhere.  While thinking of a place to go, you see a bar, with its cozy lights, shining right from the glass window, and the smooth jazz music emanating from the background– so inviting.  What would you do? Of course, you will opt to go inside and look around.  Now, panning your eyes from right to left, you see friends talking while holding their glasses full of wine. Again, my question: is what would you do?

Your current physical condition can be considered as wide and flabby but still you want to have a taste of beer.  Maybe a bottle or two will do (or maybe even more). Even if you made a promise not to drink anymore to lose weight, you think that it won’t bite. Just this once will not hurt, or so you think it won’t.

Let us go back two weeks ago: You had been contemplating on how to lower down your weight.  Seeing the weighing scale abruptly banging its arrow to the right is quite alarming, and then you think up of a way; making your schedule fit for a gym appearance.  Suddenly the need to look like a fashion model pops up on your mind. This is it, you’d tell yourself. It’s time! Hey, baby, “stop drinking alcohol, lose weight”—that’s the battle cry!

Losing weight can be obsessive.  People employ different measures just to achieve the desired figure.  There’s liposuction to name the fastest way and the diet, to name the slowest.  Why is the diet considered the least of the most effective way in losing weight?  This is because you will not be able to follow it on your own and that’s a fact; admitting not going strict on yourself when eating alone will somehow open your eyes to the truth. Following a rigid diet can cause you anxiety.

Among the best ways to lose unwanted fats in the body is through exercise.  Do this with friends.  Talking while doing exercise routines can help alleviate the harshness of fitness programs. There would be some kind of enjoyment as you will forget how hard crunches and lunges would be.  Nothing will make you feel the pain.  It’s like anesthesia, believe me. Fast forward: now, you like to drink? Do you think consuming alcohol cannot, in a way, add up to the problem? Wake up!

Be honest in everything that you do. By being true to your word, you will learn the value of the word promise. Promising yourself that you will not taste alcohol to be appealing and slim might do some good. Whispering motivating words such as pretty, sexy, happy and lucky can do the trick.

Following your fitness program religiously will help you achieve your goal and this will be highly appreciated by your peers, even your family and friends.  They would see the change in you and it is in that condition that you want to be remembered for the rest of your life.  Achieving what you want is not far from hard.  It takes a lot of guts, self-motivation and focus.  This is your life and you can change for the better. ‘Stop drinking alcohol lose weight’ may not be just a slogan after all, it’s a mindset.

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