Drinking Alcohol And Weight Loss

Do people who are drinking alcohol lose weight instantly? That was a good question coming from a student who was researching on alcoholism. Well, I never delved on that subject matter not until I overheard that student talk on the phone.

Alcohol has been a very controversial substance with regards to its ability in helping reduce weight. It is not stated in any research that liquor can help in weight reduction. This substance is not stored in the body as fat.  It is in fact, oxidized faster than other nutrients. What I read about is that it doesn’t belong to the healthy lifestyle list.

As some people drink and get fat, others get thinner. Hard liquor drinkers take on belly fat that could be counted as their ticket to some serious health problems. As to why other people don’t get fat when drinking this liquid substance, it can be counted as losing appetite with the consumption of liquor.

Studies show that when drinking, people tend to lose their appetite; some even count on the kind of diet that they have while taking the substance.  Some people may eat dinner or take on food before drinking sessions and some do not. For those who eat before and during these events, the right nutrients are taken for granted.  A good example is eating only available chips or nibbling on chicken without even trying to eat some other nutrients that the body requires.

The belief of some drinkers that staying away from food until they have finished bingeing would ensure them of not vomiting the food that they took. So, there’s the catch. There is no truth in saying that alcohol really would make you lose weight.  It is the desired food intake of the drinkers that causes the body system to collapse.

People may regard drinkers as gaining weight as they see the bellies bulging from beneath the shirts or blouses but actually it’s just abdominal fat that was brought about by the alcohol.  If not carefully taken care of, these fats may lead to other grave problems and can cause a lot of serious troubles.

Drinking alcohol lose weight” is such a phrase which is so hard to figure out. What it tries to imply is simply twisting my brain. It seems to be a slogan for those who hold banners and advertise drinking as a perfect tool to reduce weight.  In reality, if I am to decipher things as they are coming, there is no reason to believe that liquor has the capacity of eliminating fats from our body.

Exercise and proper diet are still the best factors that could help one to lose these unwanted pounds. Self-motivation and perseverance are the second best factors that I have in mind, too. With these factors and right frame of mind, we can never go wrong in dealing with the problems within us.

As to people who grow big and overweight, drinking is not at all the number one factor, well, not all the time.  Count genetics as the chief culprit and double it up with wrong eating habits and you are stuck into being the world’s greatest loser. To people who grow thin as they drink, maybe, they don’t eat enough food to satisfy their body needs.

These are just thoughts coming out of my mind but they sure are the layman’s terminologies, simply explaining what medicine has to say; for better understanding. So, gear up and throw that banner you are holding which says “Drinking alcohol lose weight” out of the window and start a new life which is in accordance with the will of the almighty.

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